About ClickThruVT.com

ClickThruVT.com is a digital marketing service specifically envisioned to support small businesses.

Drawing from 20 years of experience building digital solutions for small businesses, I provide custom-fit marketing services that deliver results (and yes, I work with clients outside of Vermont).

I start with low hanging fruit and go after an immediate lift in activity.  My plan is to walk alongside you as consultant, and hopefully trusted friend, to bring about change in your understanding of marketing, remove the hype, focus on what works and develop campaigns that actually move the needle. And best of all… I can show you how to do it for less than you’d expect.

About Michael Byrne, Founder of ClickThruVT.com


  • Formal education in Advertising/Marketing.
  • Marketing experience in culturally diverse and creative Global Ad Agencies, Web Firms, Newspaper, Church Ministry and Software.

Experience in multiple roles as:

  • Online Account Executive
  • Web Consultant
  • Entrepreneur
  • Client Liaison
  • Interactive Producer
  • Creative Director
  • Online Manager
  • Online Director
  • Corporate Web Services Manager of Marketing
  • Director of Marketing Communications.

Formally educated in traditional advertising, raised by the internet, and mentored by seasoned direct marketers. Proven capability in:

  • Online marketing strategies
  • Web site design and development
  • Lead development, scoring and nurturing
  • Email campaign marketing
  • Social Media
  • Testing and tracking performance
  • Web analytics
  • Print and Online Ad Design
  • Organic and Paid campaign creation, management, and training
  • Automated marketing